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My Top 6 Wedding Flower Tips

How much should you expect to spend on your wedding flowers? This depends on a lot of different factors! Read on to discover My Top 6 Tips for staying within your budget!

1. Stick with one Flower! Most florists can get good prices on bulk flowers and a good florist should pass those savings on to you. Do yourself a favor and pick one flower for all your floral needs and watch the price drop tremendously! Go one more step towards economizing by choosing a common flower like carnations, roses or cala lilies.

2. Use fillers for your main flower. Baby's breath, Eucalyptus, Evergreens...these are just a few fillers that can play the leading role easily while still looking gorgeous!

3. Use what's in season. Don't expect to get a great deal on Peonies in October or Tulips in July. When you stick with what is blooming in your area at the time of your wedding you can be sure to get much better prices because local is always better! For a list of what's blooming in your area at what times, go to this link:

4. Use Common Colors. Blue roses, Hot pink daffodils, Green peonies...these aren't common flower colors. Using dyes, or artificial methods to achieve crazy colors will cost you more. There may be less expensive ways to get the pop of color you desire, so talk with your florist about what you want and ask for their suggestions.

5. Use Fillers for color. If you're looking for a bright blue or hot pink or even just a deep dark red try to go for fillers that can incorporate your colors. Fillers are cheaper then your main flowers and can often be found in a wider array of colors more easily.

6. Don't forget to use your greens! Greenery is often under-utilized and that's a shame. It's cheap, beautiful and gives your flowers volume without a lot of cost. For the best bang for your buck go for bouquets that use equal amounts of greenery and flowers (or even more greenery then flowers). Especially for your table centerpieces or decor arrangements.

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